The Creed: Rules for success and financial freedom

The Creed: Rules for Success and Financial Freedom

This book is not your traditional, sugarcoated, motivational story about how to achieve your dreams. It is about real life hard work for anyone who is ready to bring their whole being alive and dive into a plan of action, ready to suffer the painful challenges of growth, self-sacrifice, and transition, and who is willing to pay the expensive, high price to be successful and attain financial freedom.

The Creed is for readers with strong self-control, discipline, courage, focus, vision, a personal plan, specific financial goals, commitment and the willpower for self-transformation to work long days in their own self-investment and self-empowerment to materialize success and achieve financial freedom.

To summarize, The Creed is for those ready to passionately embrace the pain of getting out of their “comfort zone” to start working hard, intelligently, and with a powerful reason as to why to be successful and financially free. It is for those unstoppable visionary warriors ready to pay the price to conquer their own selves, ready to conquer success and more than ready to conquer and attain their own financial freedom.

​“The Creed,” written by Marcelo Cabello, guides us to achieve sustainable habits and behaviors in personal success and finance.

​One way to achieve this is through increasing your income. And the other way is cutting your expenses to save more and invest more.

​Each chapter discusses topics of personal success, finance, saving and investing.

​Cabello, in his book, “The Creed,” places an emphasis on goal setting and developing a plan, which are critical to achieving success in your personal finances.

You can buy The Creed in Amazon in paperback or in the digital version, by downloading Kindle for free and then adding this book to your personal library.

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