Have you ever tried to find a literary agent only to discover that you’re being judged based on how many followers you have on Twitter or other social media? Are you frustrated by the numerous form rejection emails that basically say the same thing: That you’re not the right fit, that the story didn’t move them or yada yada yada? Nowadays, it appears that the only authors who get published traditionally are celebrities and influencers. It’s a very unfair and subjective process, which is why authors are increasingly resorting to self-publishing.

Mundo Latino Publications was created with the purpose of helping hardworking authors self-publish their work at affordable prices. We offer services in both English and Spanish including translation, book cover design, editing and proofreading, ghost writing, marketing, press releases, adaptation to screenplay and blog/web design. Our prices are much more accessible than most vanity publishers because we work with each author individually, and we offer sliding scales based on the author’s budget.

If you are interested in self-publishing with Mundo Latino Publications, please email Glorianna Arias to receive a free consultation and estimate.