Childrens' Stories Collection by Sonia B.F. Arias

Short Text Children Stories

This is a collection of fun books with engaging titles and stories that would be the delight of any children ages three through eight because all of them are relatable to any child’s daily life.

In most of the stories the main characters are boys except for one in which the main character is a girl.  The reason why the stories are about boys is because the author, Sonia B.F. Arias, wrote the collection for her great grandson.

Another characteristic that these books have is that sometimes the child is with mom and other times with dad, due to the fact that many children nowadays live with their parents who might not be together. The stories are written in friendly language that reader beginners could easy read them without the help of their parents, teachers or caregivers.  

Some of the stories relate to routines such as a visit to the dentist, washing the car with dad, finding an insect in the room, having a nightmare, birthday parties, children wondering and reasoning.

The collection is ideal for pre-school age, kindergarten and grades from first to third grade.  There is a text of two to four lines in each page and that makes the child become more focused in the story.

The daily dramas told in each of the stories are similar to the ones that children might live at home, at school or when they go shopping with parents or when they ride a car.

This collection is ideal to give it to a child as a birthday or Christmas present to anybody who loves to read or for bedtime stories.  Psychologists recommend that parents read to their children to establish a bond and also to spend some quality time together.

This collection can be found on Amazon or only on paperback.  The price per book is affordable.  Below, find the list of books from this collection.

  1. I Hate Bad Dreams

2. Ouch! I Got a Boo Boo

3. My friend Braulio

4. Where are the Cookies?

5. My Dad’s Car

6. Visiting the Dentist

7. A Girl Named Elizabeth

8. My Family Loves Me

9. I Am Ready for Kindergarten

10. I Lost my Lollipop

11. I Can Do Magic

12. I’m a Picky Eater

13. Where is Santa?

14. Sebastian Turns 6!

15. A Spider Scared Me

16. What I Want to Be

17. Who is in the Trash Can?

18. Where is the Fish?

19. I Wonder…

20. I’ll Never Lie Again

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Sonia B. F. Arias es la directora ejecutiva de Mundo Latino Publications. Graduada de la California State University of Bakersfield en CRJU/Pysch Profesora retirada en el estado de California Ha escrito 40 libros de los cuales veinte son para niños y veinte para adultos. Arias ha escrito sobre diferentes géneros y hoy día se dedica a su Editorial Mundo Latino Publications donde presta sus servicios como editora y publicista de los libros de sus clientes.

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