Glorianna Arias: Editor-in-Chief of Mundo Latino Publications

Glorianna Arias: Editor-in-Chief of Mundo Latino Publications

Glorianna Arias is the editor in chief of Mundo Latino Publications. She was born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica and has lived in Southern California since 1989.

In 2000, her English honors thesis received the first prize in the Robert apRoberts Competition at Cal State University, Northridge. The title of the thesis is “A Study of the Gothic in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.”

In January 2012, Glorianna published an article on under the pen name Lady Sybilla, and it was featured on Google News. Actor Ian Somerhalder tweeted a link to it, saying it was “hilarious.”

Glorianna has previously published one other book on Amazon, and it is a scifi screenplay entitled The Temple: A Reptilian Alien Trilogy (Mundo Latino Publications, 2014).

She currently has a blog called The Hollywood Formula, in which she discusses Joseph Campbell and the storytelling model he developed, known as the hero’s journey.

Presently, Glorianna is working on an entry for an anthology entitled My First Love (Mi Primer Amor), which will be published on Amazon.

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Sonia B. F. Arias es la directora ejecutiva de Mundo Latino Publications. Graduada de la California State University of Bakersfield en CRJU/Pysch Profesora retirada en el estado de California Ha escrito 40 libros de los cuales veinte son para niños y veinte para adultos. Arias ha escrito sobre diferentes géneros y hoy día se dedica a su Editorial Mundo Latino Publications donde presta sus servicios como editora y publicista de los libros de sus clientes.

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