Artisans of verses: The Desert's Poet by Eros Land

Artisan of verses: The Desert’s Poet

The poet Eros Land offers to the readers a collection of poems full of symbolism through words that he dedicates to his family, to life and his vulnerabilities, but most of his poetry focuses on love and bitterness.

Some of his poems have a dark and spiteful perspective, and his poetry contains many similes comparing animals to humans such as birds and felines.

Eros Land calls himself “the poet of the desert” because of his experiences and the years he has lived in this area and also because some of his poems have to do with plants and animals of the Californian Desert.

Artisan of Verses is a collection of poems that is quite different from the rest of the others of its kind because its author refers in his writings to the aliens  whom he calls “my brothers from the stars.”

The Artisan of Verses is unique in its genre due to the mixture of love and heartbreak in its poems and because it is a collection that contains symbolism of different kinds.

One could say that Eros Land is a melancholic poet because most of his poems contain a sad and dark tone that appeals to the feelings of the reader who can feel identified with their own misery and tragic events.

Artisan of Verses serves as a tribute to the meaning of life, and the author establishes a balance between the transparent and dark side of humanity.

Eros Land dedicates his book to his wife, and to his beloved children, in addition to those whom he calls “my brothers from the stars,” with which he has a very special fascination.

The Artisan of Verses can be purchased on Amazon as a paperback version or in a digital edition by downloading the Kindle application for free and then adding the book to the reader’s personal library.

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